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Last Thursday 21st of February, we welcomed John at our school. He is an English native speaker who came to give us a Culture Class on a trip to the USA. The talk was offered by Burlington Books. It was a successful activity and all our students really enjoyed it. Here are their comments:






«I was very shocked to learn that a girl won a prize for eating many kilos of bull because for me it is very difficult and complicated»


«It was quite entertaining and John was very friendly!»


«It was so much fun and interesting and I loved the prize games.»


«I liked it very much because was very interesting for me, I learned a lot of things about USA».

María Ángeles

«It was interesting because I learned a lot of think of USA and about the route 66.»


«I loved yesterday’s activity. I learnt a lot about USA and it was very funny. I learnt new things about their food and their culture.»

«It was an amazing way of travelling without moving from here and also disconnect of this situation!»
“It was a very original activity, easy to understand and follow and enjoyable”

«Yesterday’s talk was very interesting. It was different than the other lessons. I understood most of the things he said.»

Antonio C.
«I think John is a charming person, he is so funny and his talk has been very interesting, I’ve learnt a lot about USA and its customs.»
María C.
“It was fantastic because the men was very creative and involved in the class. The activity was very elaborate and it was very interesting”
«The theme about the unhealthy food in USA was interesting because some series have made references to this food»
«I think it has been entertaining, the time passed quickly-«

«In the past class, I learn a lot of different things about the USA.»

«I liked because was a different activite then the normal .In my opinion , was funny and the native teacher was so funny».
Itziar T.

«I learned new things and it was very interesting.»

«Yesterday class was really interesting, I enjoyed it a lot. He was so nice and I loved to hear a native person for first time in real life.»
«Yesterday’s talk was something new that I really liked and I also learned a lot about the United States and the difference between some cities. The boy was also very nice and we all liked the question game.»
«In my opinion, it was a very didactic way of learning English»
. Andrea
«Yesterday’s talk was very interesting. It was different than the other lessons. I learned many things.»
Antonio C.
«I think the activity we did last Thursday was very enjoyable, because I learned several things about the culture of the United States, in fact, what surprised me the most is that Americans say John to the toilet and Joe to the coffee and the native explained it in a very good and special way. I really liked it.»



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